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Who is Turbo Charge Learning?

  • We are Social Enterprise that was founded based on a dream of making effective learning available to all students in Malaysia
  • Our goal is to provide a platform to improve and upgrade the quality of education and the mindsets of the youths within Malaysia
  • Teaching & Coaching students on personalising the Advanced Accelerated Learning skills that make learning Practical, Fun, Easy & Effective
  • Reinforcing Potential & Resourcefulness
  • Focus on giving effective educational skills, which allow students to improve and excel in their studies
  • Developing Positive Mindsets & Beliefs in Children
  • We Aim To Make Every turbo charge learning student scores A’s in SCHOOL and in LIFE.

Let's see what others experienced in our Turbo Learning program

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What Your Kids Will Learn From Us

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  • Speed Reading – How to reduce 80% of studying time
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  • Note Making – How to understand everything by only studying 20%
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  • Super Memory – How to remember 2X more in 5 minutes

Who Our Coaches :

Coach Neow

Neow studied Chemistry in Imperial College London for 3 years after securing JPA scholarship. He is a coach and trainer for Turbo Charge Learning programme. He has coached UPSR, PT3, SPM, A-level and even adult students using Turbo Charge Learning skills for more than 2 years.

He is very passionate about education because he thinks every student should be given an opportunity to discover their own hidden talent by learning and exploring. He aspires to share the truth that each individual possesses the potential to succeed in life by acquiring the right mindset and taking action with the proper strategies.

That’s why he shares specific learning strategies to make learning interesting and fun.

Coach Webster Ku

Webster Ku is a Master Practitioner in NS-NLP, Body Language Expert. His also Nominated as one of AYA (Asia Youth Ambassador’s) Malaysia Most Outstanding Youth 2009 & also Certified HRDF Trainer & Coach for both adults and students.

Webster has coached and empowered over 20,000 students (and counting) in areas of motivation, studying and communication skills. He has conducted workshops and seminars in various countries including Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Webster specialises in creating an effective and desirable study environment not just for students but for teachers and parents as well.

FREE 1 FREE Coaching Session - Limited Offer Only

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