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FREE Coaching Class
A FREE Coaching Class For Parents & Children Together From 7 - 19 years old
About the Coach

Neow studied Chemistry in Imperial College London for 3 years after securing JPA scholarship. He is a coach and trainer for Turbo Charge Learning programme. He has coached UPSR, PT3, SPM, A-level and even adult students using Turbo Charge Learning skills for more than 2 years.

He is very passionate about education because he thinks every student should be given an opportunity to discover their own hidden talent by learning and exploring. He aspires to share the truth that each individual possesses the potential to succeed in life by acquiring the right mindset and taking action with the proper strategies.

That’s why he share specific learning strategies to make learning interesting and fun.

You & Your children will learn:

A FREE Coaching Class For Parents & Children Together From 7 - 19 years old
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  • Speed Reading – How to reduce 80% of studying time
  • Note Making – How to understand everything by only studying 20%
  • Super Memory – How to remember 2X more in 5 minutes
  • Parents Will Know How Your children’s progress in the programme
  • Insight and tips you can use to create an environment for your children
  • Approaches and ways to help your children in their studies

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