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Turbo Charge Learning

The simple technique to learn faster and score better in exams
“Turbo Charge Learning”

“Are your children facing their PT3, SPM or IGCSE soon?

“They don’t have enough time to study and remember all the materials, right?”

“Do you think they NEED help preparing for their papers?”

What if I tell you,

green_tick_medium that you still have enough time to learn and prepare for those EXAMS!!

Is it even POSSIBLE???


It may seem impossible because you or your child does not know “HOW” yet.

You just need to discover the “HOW” to learn and you will be able to speed up your learning and SCORE for the EXAMS.

Check out the video below to find out how to learn faster and score better in exams!

Take your learning to the next level.

Get access to the full 2-hour programme Turbo Charge Programme – today.

Hurry! Limited seats available!

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**Important Note: Turbo Charge Learning workshop seats are limited, do register to rave your seats 

Written Testimony

Crash Course Testimony 2017 Pic.001

I did poorly for my SPM trials, (BM was “G”) but with the help of my coaches and Turbo Charge Learning skills, I scored A’s and B’s in SPM. I when from G’s to A’s & B’s. THANK YOU COACH! IMPossible Is Made POSSIBLE!


Eng Xian Feng

Crash Course Testimony 2017 Pic.004

I’m scoring 70% & 80% now in PT3 English, BM, Moral, History, Math & Science. My Mum & I would like to thank Turbo Charge Learning for all that!


Rajeswari Sandosam 

Crash Course Testimony 2017 Pic.007

I learn how to study SMART  with Turbo Charge Learning, and scored 6 A’s for PT3!


Bu Xian Jie

Crash Course Testimony 2017 Pic.002

I don’t like studying, because its so boring and just so hard to understand. But after learning Turbo Charge Learning skills, I learn there is a SMARTER way to study. My SPM results was proof, I got A’s & B’s not by working hard, but SMART =)
Thank you COACH!!!


Harvey Khoo

Crash Course Testimony 2017 Pic.005

Turbo Charge Learning helped me
become more FOCUS & made learning FUN. That why I got 6A’s for my SPM


Brian Soo

Crash Course Testimony 2017 Pic.008

I learnt so much from Webby. I used Speed Reading, MyMap & Super Memory in my exam preparations. My results for Pt3 is 7A’s & 1B.

Lee Gao Sheng


Crash Course Testimony 2017 Pic.003
Hi Coach Webby, Jeen Aun’s IGCSE results is OUT! He did well 6 A’s (3 A*). Thanks to you and Turbo Charge Learning!


Catherine, Jee Aun’s mother

Crash Course Testimony 2017 Pic.006

Saya menhadapi masalah menghafal subject seperti Biology dan Sejarah. Tetapi selepas saya menyertai workshop ini, saya dapat bersedia untuk SPM saya. Thank you Turbo Charge Learning

Ainaa Najihah

Crash Course Testimony 2017 Pic.009

I love using Super Memory & Speed Reading. Its SO EASY!!!
Recently I scored 7A’s in my Pt3. 
Thank you Turbo Charge Learning

Liew Ka Yee, Kimberly

Turbo Charge your EXAM Results
access to the full 2-hour programme Turbo Charge Programme – today.

Hurry! Limited seats available!

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